Program DC Electronic Load Series
CH9715 High performance series
CH9711 LED power test Series
CH8710X/CH9710X Economy Series
CH8811 High power series
Digital Power Meter
CH2700 Power Supply Paramerer Tester Series
CH2900 Digital Power Meter Series(Multi Channel)
CH2800 Digital Power Meter Series
Transformer coulometer Series
CH40X Transformer Coulometer Series
Touch control data recorder Series
CH9007/CH9010Touch control data recorder
Winding Turn Tester Series
CH1200 Winding Turn Tester Series
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  CH8710X/CH9710X Economy Series
CH8710X/CH9710X program DC electronic load series can be widely applied in on-line test and lab of power transformer, charger, switch power, storage battery industries. The meter adopts LCD/VFD display which makes display direct and complete and operation more easy and convenient with digital keyboard and revolving encoder. It also has perfect functions of rated voltage, rated current, rated power and rated resistance, remote,measurement, short-circuit measurement, battery measurement, dynamic measurement, and upper engine’s software control.  
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